An overview of our Modern Warfare 2 Rifle build, PMAGs are now in-stock on our site, and the proposed Gun policy from the Biden camp.
T.REX Newsletter
We built a rifle based on an iconic Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 loadout. It works great in real life as well. Check out our full overview and breakdown of the build.
PMAGs in various capacities, styles, and colors are now available and in-stock on our site. Pick them up while they last.
The proposed gun control policy from the Biden campaign would require the registration of all guns and magazines over a ten round capacity to be registered under the 1934 National Firearms Act. As we all know, NFA registration requires a long wait for paperwork processing, but also a $200 tax. This is an outrageous and arbitrary infringement to be sure, but it is also a mathematical insanity. For example, if we estimate that Magpul has sold 5 million P-MAGs to civilians (an extremely conservative estimate), that one magazine alone will cost American gun-owners one billion dollars in taxes and unthinkably long years of bureaucratic gridlock and processing delays.