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Government is complicated, and our modern political system can be confusing and hard to navigate. Everyone has a political opinion, but when it comes to actually effecting change, few people have the knowledge or resources to accomplish anything. And thanks to the confusing jargon and complicated political systems, few people even try. The political sphere becomes dominated by a class of perpetual politicians and policy wonks -- a kind of specialized political priesthood. Then they start political organizations, expecting you to give them your money so they can fight your political battles for you. The average American's political strategy has become: Donate, Vote, and Complain. But is it possible for average citizens to make a political difference without the help of these big lobby groups?


Here's how we did it.

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Shootings in Dayton and El Paso

In the last 24 hours there have been two separate mass shootings: one in El Paso Texas, one in Dayton Ohio. 29 are dead. A lot is still not publicly known - many people like to make these shootings into a way to attack the "other side" (i.e. "He was a Democrat!") and rush to conclusions and arguments without sufficient facts. But we do know this: so far, none of these nutcases are truly representative of ANY political party or ideology — and to use them for political argumentation or to vilify someone else is wrong and counterproductive. There are many millions of gun-owning Republicans and Democrats that abhor these attacks. We need to be men and women of compassion and truth; we need to grieve with the loss of others more than we want to attack our political adversaries. We need to be faithful and true in what we communicate far more than we need to win a point on FaceGramChat.

And we need to ready-up; any one of us could hear the gun-shots next time.

Shootings in Dayton and El Paso

If there’s one thing we should learn from shootings and other violent acts like the firebombing in Kyoto, Japan two weeks ago: it’s that we should arm ourselves. Don’t rely on others to save you. Don’t rely on law enforcement to get there in time. It’s up to YOU to make a difference and preserve life. Whether it’s your own or others. Violence can happen anytime, anywhere. It’s up to YOU to do violence back.

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