For the last three years, @Liku_Tactical has been learning from and copying Lucas Botkin's training videos. But since he lives in Japan, where firearms are severely restricted, he's had nothing but airsoft guns to practice with.
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Several months ago, we began hosting exclusive videos on our website. In addition to our regular YouTube content, the Video Library now hosts niche videos about guns, gear, and range training for our most dedicated fans, as well as product tutorials for some of our more complicated items.

And now, if we get kicked off of social media for voicing politically-incorrect opinions, we can continue to serve you great content from the safety of our own site.

We'll continue posting exclusive content in the video library regularly, so check back often. If you have content suggestions, let us know!

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Stop entertaining the notion of regulating inalienable rights in the name of public safety

It’s amazing how many people still want to trust the government with their safety. It’s also mind-boggling how many people think laws and regulations can make the world a perfectly safe utopia. Here’s the bubble-popping reality... life is dangerous. It always has been. It always will be.
So instead of being lazy and trying to hand off the responsibility of your personal safety to other entities: toughen up and become resilient. It’s YOUR responsibility to look after yourself and others. Not the federal government’s. Nobody is coming to save you. It’s up to you, and only you.

Law Folder

The LAW Folding Stock Adapter is a great way to shorten your rifle for transport or storage in small spaces. A simple one-button release folds the stock. To engage, just unfold and fire. The stock automatically locks into place once unfolded.

The LAW folder works with direct impingement or gas piston systems and fits A2, carbine, mil-spec or commercial buffer tubes and stocks.